NeedBook smart classroom is where the concept of 

Connected learning is blooming. NeedBook Smart classrooms

are technologically enhanced that enable teaching and

learning opportunities like never before! 

Learning is fun when subjects are interesting, and NeedBook

smart classes are doing exactly that by making the student’s

most boring subject palatable. 

The opportunity to provide students with quality education by

helping them understand concepts better, improve their

reading and comprehension skills, and achieve academic


              1. they activate prior learning 
              2. they teach players the relationship between knowledge and context 
              3. they provide “rich feedback and assessment” while Peer Learning actions
              4. they foster an environment that encourages the application of previously gained knowledge
              5. they accommodate slow learners and 
              6. because Peer Learning are inherently social, they foster the sharing of knowledge


Kathleen (GBL ’16)


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